Oriental Theme – Woolmer Green

The existing garden had been flat with a simple lawn, hedge and small patio. The clients were keen to have an Oriental themed garden having been inspired by a garden they had visited. The challenge was to maintain the existing hedge and create privacy all year round, in particular when the hedge loses its leaves in the winter. The solution; to install staggered cedar trellis panels which created a more open appearance than a solid fence, ensured privacy and had an Oriental appearance.

The lawn and patio were removed and replaced by large rectangular paved areas and gravel beds. Two sections of hardwood decking introduced new levels to the garden, a small summerhouse was installed on one deck whilst a pergola structure was constructed on the other. Bamboo was planted in large containers to add to the Oriental theme which added movement to the garden and also provide privacy from the neighbouring properties.

Low maintenance grasses and firs were planted around the water feature and lantern and a beautiful Acer tree with provide further impact to the pebbled beds once established.

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